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We work for the Restoration and Conservation of Santurce 


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  Who are we? 

We are a Non-Profit community organization with the vision of creating a holistic social work network to analyze all the ecosystems present in Santurce and draw up a restoration and conservation plan in areas that do not have one at the moment, with the in order to maintain a sustainable social-ecological relationship.

Through the union with various organizations that have the experience and professionals we have focused our plan for the restoration and conservation of coral reefs and dunes, the reforestation and cleaning of the coasts, urban areas and wetlands together with the implementation of an effective recycling system, so in turn these will be of benefit for the proliferation of the species they harbor.


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Founders, leaders and mentors

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Juan David Murcia Eslava 

Marine Biologist graduated from the University

of Puerto Rico, UPR in Humacao, Scientific Director


Yvette M. Núñez Sepúlveda

Anthropologist and Art Historian University of Puerto Rico, Rio de Pierdras Campus, UPRRP, Executive Director

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Paola S. Cimadevilla

Agroecology leader actioning in Finca Plato Indio farm in Las Marías town, Puerto Rico. 


Derrick Hernández

Bioconstruction leader actioning in Finca Plato Indio farm in Las Marías town, Puerto Rico. 

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Dr. Thomas J. Goreau- Arango

President of Global Coral Reef Alliance, Geotheraphy techniques menthor.

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Make educational information accessible within the urban coastal communities to create harmony between all the sectors that make up the Santurce area and the environment for the enjoyment and conservation of all.

We believe in the union of communities to work for the common good and this is why our Coalition integrates both individuals and various organizations representing different communities, schools, universities, businesses and corporations, both in the public and private sectors.

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  Important Data:

  • Santurce, is bounded on the north by the Atlantic Ocean, which has around 5 kilometers of coastline.

  • To the south, its territorial limit is the natural border of the Caño Martín Peña.

  • To the east, it is limited by the San José and Los Corozos Lagoons and the Cangrejo Arriba neighborhood in the tourist sector of Isla Verde, after Jupiter Street in Punta las Marías.

  • To the west, it is delimited by the Bay of San Juan and the Caño San Antonio, which divides it from Old San Juan.

Aquatic Ecosystems:

  • The beaches on the north coast of SANTURCE have around 5,36 km² (3,33 mi²).

  • SANTURCE has a land area of ​​approximately 13,57 km² (8,43 mi²) and 8,96 km² (5,57 mi²) of aquatic area.

  • SANTURCE constitutes a peninsula surrounded by water everywhere, except for the 800 meter long limit (almost half mile) that separates Punta las Marías from Carolina.

  • Historically most of the lowlands, especially on the banks of existing lagoons and channels, were occupied by swamps and dense mangrove forests.

  • The most characteristic ecosystems in the Caribbean are coral reefs, these cover around 26,000 km² (10,038.6 mi²) , have 66,000 km² (25,482.7 mi²) of sea-grass meadows and around 11,560 km² (4,463.3 mi²) of mangroves.

  • In Puerto Rico we can find mangroves around the entire coast but the largest area is on the northeast coast around Torrecilla Laguna, on the north coast we find coastal and basin mangrove communities.

  • SANTURCE has reefs on the north coast that range from Green Island (Isla Verde) to the County, several lagoons such as County Lagoon, San José and Los Corozos, the San Juan Bay and mangrove areas in the Caño Martín Peña and around the lagoons.


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Bucare & Calle Laurel, San Juan, 00911, Puerto Rico


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