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Entities that collaborate with us to protect Santurce's  sea and  coast 


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Our coalition is not limited to these organizations, we have the support of professionals who collaborate on our activities and projects to develop concrete plans. We are extremely grateful that they have accepted the proposal by CRES Puerto Rico (, and we hope to continue growing and winning allies along the way.

G.C.R.A.-"Global Coral Reef Alliance"

GCRA is a worldwide coalition of volunteer scientists, divers, environmentalists, and other individuals and organizations, committed to the failure of coral reefs. We focus primarily on coral reef restoration and cutting edge research on the impacts of coral bleaching, global warming, marine diseases, sea level rise and coral pollution. GCRA scientists work with community groups, environmental organizations, foundations, governments, or private companies to build, restore, and maintain coral reefs, nurseries, and marine sanctuaries. GCRA projects include the restoration of coral reefs and marine habitats for mariculture, tourism, and shoreline protection. GCRA invented and developed Mineral Accretion Technology™ and the Biorock™ method of electrical restoration of coral reefs and marine ecosystems, the HotSpot™ method to correctly predict coral bleaching from satellite sea surface temperatures and management of nutrients from the entire watershed and coastal zone (now indicated as Ridge to Reef, or Hilltop to Ocean). Founded in 1990, GCRA is the direct heir to a pioneering tradition of coral reef research dating back to the 1920s, and has the world's largest collection of coral reef photographs from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960.


The Isla Verde Reef Marine Reserve is a community effort that arises from the residents and users of the area in an effort to protect this beautiful natural resource. The initiative began in 2005 and in 2009 the Committee for the designation of the Marine Reserve was formalized and thus we were collecting endorsement signatures, participating in environmental events, publicizing the idea with presentations, creating a list of species that we were going to identifying, studying the experience of other Marine Protected Areas until obtaining, with the help of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources and the Legislature, the designation of Marine Reserve on September 26, 2012 Law #274.

Proyecto Península de Cantera

Comunidad del Bosque y Parque de Patinetas, Punta las Marias

Playa Blanca, Condominium, Isla Verde, PR 

Community alliance

FORD Company - "Enviromental FORD funds" for Bucaré Urban Garden and plant nursery


Marriott Stellaris Hotel & Casino, Condado, San Juan, PR

Corporate Alliance

WIPR 940am y WIPR TV

Media alliance

Other organizations that have collaborated with the Coalition:

Georgia Institue of Technology, is making the Research Project: “Empowering the Youth: Capacity-Building Among Youth Organizations in Puerto Rico” in collaboration with CRES. This project is based on preliminary information collected through the "Puerto Rico Planning Study", a series of courses led by Dr. Ross and Dr. Fuentes, focused on issues related to capacity needs and opportunities on the island. 
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