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Sea turtle, one of the beautiful reef inhabitants is in imminent Extinction Danger


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  Our Santurcian Ecosystems 


Coral Reefs
Documentation of habitats, count species, determine possible problems they suffer and use methods of restoration, maintenance and conservation.


The Santurce's Coral Reef


Monthly documentation of erosion and

the profiles of the coast

  • Monthly shore profiles and before and after atmospheric events

  • Highlighting the interaction and importance of corals on reefs.

  • Fish school diversity around an Acropora palmata. Analysis of Nesting and Closion Data of Tinglar (Dermochelys coriacea)

  • Photographic documentation

  • We document damage to structures

  • Educate and listen to the community

  • We recruit and train community volunteers to learn about the process

  • Sand analysis and collected data

  • We coordinate efforts to draw up plans to restore and reduce threats to ecosystems with collaborating organizations and the community.



A whole community in favor of the protection of the Santurce ecosystems. Community .jpg

Coastal Afforestation

Planting of native coastal species to increase vegetation and thus decrease the effects of erosion. Vegetation influences many other positive aspects such as providing shade, purifying the air and serving as regulatory filters for the groundwater cycle, thanks to their long roots, they also help to withstand the sand on the beaches, avoiding drastic changes in the coasts at stabilizing the sediment.


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Nesting Data Analysis and

hatching of the Tinglar

(Dermochelys coriacea)

As members of the Turtle's Group 7 Keels of Ocean Park and County (2016), we were in charge of the scientific part of documentation and analysis of:

  • Number of annual nests and hatches

  • Survival percentage

  • Causes of disorientation

  • Threats to the species

  • Protection of dunes and vegetation to keep the beach healthy

  • Orientation to the general public on light pollution and its effect on tinglares



Nesting and hatching of the Tinglar


If you are interested in knowing and learning more about our ecosystems, write to us at  to contact you and take you to rediscover them.


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